An evening with Peruvian Healers

Thursday, November 9th

Evolve Yoga and Wellness is excited and truly humbled to bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Indigenous Elders/Healers from Peru.

This is a rare opportunity to meet Q’ero Elder Dona Asunta Q’uispe and Karina Davalos Concha and experience the beauty and magic of a traditional Q’ero community ceremony known as a Despacho, or blessing ceremony.

5-6:30 Meet and greet
6:30 -7:30 Q &A: Healing the modern family with Andean practices
7:45 – Community despacho ceremony

There will also be incredible handmade Peruvian textiles and crafts available for purchase throughout the week of the event.

This community Despacho ceremony is open to ALL (children welcome) and will be offered by donation. We suggest a $25 minimum donation, however, no amount is too big or small!
ALL donations will go directly back to Peru to support the Q’eros people.

These events are entirely for the benefit of the indigenous people of Q’eros. Your participation and generous donations help to support many families who live in the Andean highlands. Urpichay Sonqo!

Learn more about despacho ceremonies!

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Coming from out of town?

Earth Healing Despacho & Fire

November 10th @ 1p

We gather to hold this Despacho Blessing Ceremony for Pachamama! Join Dona Asunta and Karina Davalos as they bring the blessing of the Apus (mountains) of Peru straight to the rolling hills of Iowa. We will sit in ceremony, journey onto the land and have fire to burn our Blessings for for Mother Earth. Children of all ages are most welcome!!!

This event will be held at Brian Mccormick’s on C60..directions:
take Stone Park Blvd to Broken Kettle (k18). Right on K18 for 5 miles before to C60 (right over a small bridge at the bottom of a hill). Right on C60 for 3/4 mile, hard left turn arrow which points to Brian’s property. The turns will be announced with arrows and signs!

Even though this event will be partially enclosed and warmed with a patio heater, please dress accordingly as we will be outside.

We are asking a free will donation of $25 for this ceremony as all proceeds will go directly back to the Q’ero people.

If you have any questions please call Erin @ 712-389-4032.

The Andean Way of 3 with Asunta, Karina Davalos and Erin Kuehl

November 11th @ 11a-6p

This will be a full day of exploration into the power of 3 in Andean Cosmology. We will explore the concepts of the InkanTrinity and the map of the Inka Cross which include love, trust, connection, acknowledgment, protection and awareness. You will journey with the drum to the 3 worlds; lower-world, middle-world, upper-world to connect with the 3 traditional power animals; condor, puma and serpent that govern each of these levels of consciousness. Our second journey will allow us to explore to the 3 nawis or energetic centers of exchange. We will digest the concepts of the 3 Inka Laws – sacred love, sacred wisdom , sacred service before closing with a beautiful Despacho or Blessing ceremony!

You will leave with a greater understanding of the dynamics of energy and how to work with, clear and empower your energy centers. Open to anyone! Mesa carriers strongly encouraged to attend!

11a-2p teaching/journey
2-4 break
4-6 group despacho/Blessing ceremony

Suggested asking price is $60-$90.
These events are entirely for the benefit of the indigenous people of Q’eros. Your participation and generous donations help to support many families who live in the Andean highlands.
Urpichay Sonqo!

MEET ASUNTA Q’UISPE YAPURA (in her own words)
“I was born in Q’eros Paucartambo, the daughter of Don Manuel Quispe Apaza. I speak Quechua and during my early years I saw many ceremonies performed by my father. At age 10, I began to participate and assist in ceremonies of healing for people, potato crops, alpacas and llamas and was beginning my path of service, which pleased me greatly. The Apus (mountains) and Pachamama (Mother Earth) were giving me a direction for the future. 
After another 25 years of integrating the life of a healer, my father transmitted my first sacred initiation known as Hatun Karpay at the holy and mighty mountain of Apu Huaman Lipa. My second Hatun Karpay was received in the “Lord of Qoylloriti” Apu Sinaccara and was transmitted by my Uncle Bernabe Apaza Quispe. These powerful ceremonies began to give me a greater connection for receiving messages from the Apus, Pachamama and the Universe. My third Hatun Karpay was transmitted by my mother, Dona Agustina Chura Quispe at Apu Huaman Lipa. This was a very special experience to receive the immense energy and power of Mother Earth.”
I deeply appreciate my life and the ability to share this spiritual path with all my brothers and sisters around the world.”


“I was born in Cusco, the capital of the empire of the Incas. My parents took me to Mollepata where I lived with my grandparents and first learned to speak Quechua and then Spanish. It was here I first connected with Apu Salkantay, playing with the stones, rivers, animals and nature. During harvest time my grandparents made offerings to Pachamama using coca kintus. I watched very carefully and soon was able to participate in the ceremonies.
I met Alberto Villoldo and worked with him for many years receiving shamanic training with the best Q’ero healers who are the descendants of the Incas. Don Manuel Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Umberto and Dona Bernardina all of whom were Kura Akullek (highest rank). My first initiation was received at Apu Ausangate and I created my mesa and continued my master apprenticeship in Puno and Cusco. During my training I had the revelation of the Apus which indicated that I was ready to perform ceremonies. 
Today I have a deep sense of gratitude to the universe for having the ability to share and help others with this gift, a gift from the gods.”
These events are entirely for the benefit of the indigenous people of Q’eros. Your participation and generous donations help to support many families who live in the Andean highlands. 
Urpichay Sonqo!”

Erin Kuehl:
For more than five years Erin has been the visionary force behind Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center. Wife and mother to five children, she answered the call to step into the unknown – to bring the yogic way of life to Sioux City. Erin continues to plant seeds of inspiration and creation and has established a community where healers and seekers alike find empowerment on this path of the soul. 
As a full Mesa carrier, practitioner and educator in the Q’uero tradition, Erin blends the unique aspects of Andean spirituality and energy work with the teachings of Yoga in classes where you will journey to your edge to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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