What do you love about your home practice?

I love the reconnection that occurs in my home practice. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly running running running without getting anywhere- my practice allows me to slow down, reconnect to my body and my spirit, and just be in that moment. It allows me time and space to remember that I am enough. I do enough. I have enough.

I also love the motivation it provides for my kids to see me practicing- they will frequently grab their mats or just drop right into some yoga poses of their own when they see me practicing. To provide them with that foundation and motivation without having to say a word is absolutely amazing to me!

What challenges do you face in maintaining a home practice?

The same challenges that almost everyone else faces! Kids, homework, dishes, laundry, work, books I want to read, things I don’t want to do but think I should- that endless list of “I should be doing blah instead”. So I start my practice with an intention of just giving myself 15 minutes. If at the end of it I feel like doing more, I do. If not, I can walk away knowing that I spent at least a little time on my health and wellbeing that day. I’ve also spent a lot of time evaluating my practice and have realized that first thing in the morning just isn’t my thing. So I practice later in the afternoon or sometimes even just sneak in a few sun salutations while dinner is cooking 🙂 It’s easy to set up a rigid schedule and beat yourself up for not sticking to it, but I think if we aren’t sticking to it there is a reason and we need to really question if doing yoga at the crack of dawn is actually what we need, or if doing it at some other time is going to be more beneficial.
I also used to think that not having a dedicated space was a challenge, but now see it as being very freeing. As I mentioned before, I sometimes sneak in sun salutations while dinner is cooking- that means my yoga practice space that day is in my kitchen. Other days it is my porch, or my bedroom, or the living room. I can practice in whatever space I feel like practicing in. Sometimes that means kicking a thousand Polly Pocket dolls and accessories out of my way, but it works.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Home practice has allowed me to grow faster in my practice, learn to hear what my body is wanting with less effort, and to really focus on the areas that I personally need/want to focus on. Some days my practice is just getting myself to breathe and focus on that for 15 minutes. Other days it’s a full out Astanga primary series, or laying in Savasana for 15 minutes. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what style of yoga I practice on any given day- if my body, mind, or spirit is wanting it at that moment then that is the right practice for that day.

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