Evolve Yoga is the place to be introduced to yoga, to develop and strengthen your yoga practice and to challenge yourself to meet new yoga goals. It is also a place to be introduced to your true self, to acquire the tools you need for your journey and set and meet new aspirations. Just ask Pam Muniz. Pam came to Evolve a little over a year ago seeking a healthy wellness choice. She admits that she was a little uncomfortable at first, but she was open to receiving new ideas and to something that could improve her well-being.  In one of the first classes that Pam attended she heard the words, “Honor your body.” These words made Pam feel safe, knowing she was invited and welcome to participate without being asked to do more than her body could do. This is one of the most beautiful truths about yoga; practitioners are invited to respect their body and focus on what your body can do and to have great gratitude for that. For many of us, this may be the first time in our lives we are given permission and even encouraged to truly love our bodies. Several months after starting her practice, she was in a class all by herself. She ended up getting amazing attention and information from Erin and talking together for another hour.

Erin told her,

“You can be 50 lbs heavier and still have a beautiful yoga practice.”

This inspired Pam to really start loving herself, and more importantly, to stop tearing herself apart. It allowed her to really “slow down”, to savor the benefits of her body getting stronger and to not be so aggressively focused on trying to lose weight. By then, she reports she was so into loving herself. Which is another huge gift of yoga; learning to completely redirect and give our attention, our focus and our energy to the parts of our bodies and lives that are working and for which we have gratitude. This takes our attention naturally away from perceived failure, shortcomings, and other people’s judgments.

Pam has learned so much from her yoga practice and her experiences at Evolve. Life has become a rewarding journey driven by curiosity of what she can do and cannot yet do. Originally looking solely for weight management tools, Pam has discerned that “fat” or “no fat” is no longer dominating her thinking or choices. The person she has become from practicing yoga is what is important. Because she shows up and because she works to her capabilities there have been numerous times when Pam has left the studio after a class feeling that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.  She says,


Pam’s practice has served her in many ways, but she shares that one of the most important ways is that it has helped to remove the “ugly” parts out of her life and helped her realize “how amazing it is to move.” Pam expresses that “It is really a spiritual practice” for her now. She can’t even pick one part that she loves more than the rest; she is able to love every part of the process.  She likes downward facing dog, even though it was very hard in the beginning for her.  She loves pigeon pose and she shared that she gets really excited about balancing poses, as well. She even loves the really hard work she is doing working towards handstand. It is her goal pose right now; she says it isn’t about being able to “show” the handstand, but to indicate a sign of balance and strength.  The challenging and fire igniting pose for her right now is handstand prep and even when she hates it, she loves it!  Pam shares that yoga at Evolve “has changed my life.  It has changed who I am.  I don’t have a lot of tolerance for what isn’t truth anymore.  This practice has brought so much peace to me.”

Inside and outside of her yoga practice, Pam’s life is flourishing. She reports that she can see the “hero’s journey” of it all and she understands how to translate the lessons from the yoga classroom into her life as a whole. She loves the music choices from the classes so much that she listens to them at home and in her car. “The music is amazing.” Pam says, further sharing that the song/chant “Ra Ma Da Sa” is now a regular part of her daily rhythms.  Recently, when her uncle was experiencing sickness, she chanted “Ra Ma Da Sa” for him on his road to recovery. 

Pam has some great advice to folks who are considering yoga for the first time.

“You deserve this. Everybody deserves the opportunity to love themselves. We all deserve this. This is about honoring your self.”

That and you should definitely come to Evolve Yoga and Wellness. She loves it here. She loves showing up and seeing everyone, she loves the whole class and everybody loves savasana, the shared restful moments of gratitude at the end of class. Pam loves Evolve because everyone involved with Evolve is all about nurturing and love. She has felt it within herself and recognized it in her teachers and fellow students. Pam says, “Everything here to me is love.  Even though it is a business, I never feel that it is. It is a healing place.” Come and find your healed self at Evolve!

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