My name is Cassandra Wensel-Kanne and I am the Stone Shamama. My primary purpose is to be a beacon of creation light and to guide you to your healed self. I am a Full Mesa Carrier in the lineage of the Q’ero Shamans of the Peruvian Andes. I euphorically combine this training in energy work with crystals, angelic light, luminous energy fields, chakras and divination tools in the classes, healing jewelry and prayer tools that I create. Since my childhood in Sioux City, I have always been in love with celestial mysticism, the ancient secrets held in fragments of intergalactic stardust that reformed into terrestrial mountains millennia ago and then tumbled apart to be rediscovered by curious fingers on the muddy banks of the Ol’ Missou. I have spent my life exploring these mysteries and creating connection with the cultures and teachers who have carried these medicine practices into the 21st century. My intention is to serve as a unifying link traversing the space between where we stand and the world we are dreaming into being, to be a catalyst of evolutionary force determined to bring about the age of compassion and harmony.

Whenever I get invited to teach at Evolve Yoga and Wellness, I honor the opportunity by offering my newest and most relevant courses and creations. My recent work is some of the most exciting in my life! I have developed my own healing art that I am calling Somatic Gridwork. This is an integrated energy healing technique that combines the natural healing properties of crystals and stones, the synergistic amplification of energy fields found in crystal gridwork, the body’s own energy and chakra system, the recalibration tool of earthing and the meridian architecture. I am constantly in awe and wonderment of the sacred geometry that constructs our beautiful Universe. I love discovering, over and over again, that the passion, skills and personal power we each possess is the true path of healing and the true gift of our own hearts. It is with massive joy and enthusiasm that I am called to ceremoniously play with these tools and to be able to teach others to celebrate and cultivate their own gifts and natural healing abilities. I will be offering introductory and intermediate levels of my Somatic Gridwork workshops at Evolve and participants will have an opportunity to learn, experience and practice a wide range of techniques that promise to be stimulating, engaging and a good deal of fun.

Over the past year, my work, my life and my journey has expanded and evolved through my deep connection with the energy of the Seraphim Angelic Light. This is also work that I am very eager to share with my Sioux City family. I am so grateful for the existence of Evolve Yoga and Wellness, grateful for Erin’s vision, guidance and support, grateful for her team of dedicated healers and teachers and so deeply honored and grateful for the sacred space they have all created that allows for the honest exploration of all the truthful paths of light and love. What better space to offer an opportunity for others to develop a personal relationship with the Seraphim Angels who are enthusiastically ready to begin co-creating with you? I will offer a brief lecture, an exploration of the tools that I use and I will guide you through several energetic exercises and practices to encounter authentic prayer.

My investigation into my heritage and ancestry has illuminated revolutionary new practices that are available to me. The further back into our lineages that we delve, the stronger our connection to the future can solidify. It is such a huge blessing to be able to come to my home town, bring you the gifts of my life here in the Sonoran Desert, to exchange the wisdom from these mountains for lasting connection to my original source. I am so thrilled to meet with you all and to learn together.

Blessings, Love, Light and Beauty
Stone Shamama

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