We provide a wide range of services to transform your personal relationship with food and nutrition.  You can trust us to be completely confidential and attentive to your personal healing during vulnerable transitions. We will meet your needs for weight release, detoxifying your organs, restoring healthy digestion and moving you toward a joyful relationship with food. We also provide plans to extend this healing into your home, family and children’s nutritional needs. Our services will lovingly meet your goals.

Juicing and Smoothies

Juicing and smoothies provide high nutrient density food sources that are easy to incorporate into any meal plan to ensure proper vitamin and mineral absorption. We will work with you to create easy to prepare recipes for your nutritional benefits OR personalized juices and smoothies provided to you!

Weight Release

Body positivity, self love, meeting your body where it is, and relationship with weight stems from a number of reasons our bodies carry additional weight. We will lovingly work with you to discern what the real weight issues are, which could be inflammation, past trauma, medications, food addiction, intolerance and allergies, or medication side effects. We will work with you to find the root cause and create a healthy, loving relationship with your body as you learn to properly nourish yourself.

Meal Planning

This  highly personalized service is specifically tailored to your nutritional needs and lifestyle necessities. This is an at home service dedicated to guide you on individual meal prep daily, weekly, and monthly as needed. This service serves as a catalyst to creating health sustaining habits. As your health coaches, we commit to prepare, educate and guide each client on the importance of meal planning to set you up for future success.

Pantry Makeover

We will reorganize your kitchen into a place of creativity where you are easily able to make delicious meals and all of your temptations are met with healthy choices.

Body Detoxification

This service targets specific organs in the body that are in need of a cleanse. We provide safe, healthy, and effective methods of detoxing organs like the colon, gallbladder, and liver in ways that allow you to avoid costly and invasive procedures.

Gut Health

Our bodies main control center is in the microbiome of the digestive tract. All health starts in the gut. When that’s out of balance, we find disease, inflammation, fatigue, chronic pain, and on and on.

We will work with you in insightful one-on-one sessions to create a healthy flora and microbiome environment that actively digests, absorbs, and activates your entire body to function at maximum capacity.


We will coach and teach you how to use food as medicine to decrease inflammation and other symptoms that inhibit optimum health. People are often told to take supplements for things like joint pain, but joint pain comes from inflammation in the body and is linked to deficiencies, such as Vitamin K and A, which are used to reduce inflammation. Many other maladies are the result of vitamin deficiencies as well. Providing the body with the proper building blocks to repair itself is the easiest path to health. We will work with your specific conditions to make sure all of your body’s needs are met.


Health coaches are called to lead balanced, mindful, and integrative lives through their own personal practice and want to take you along with them! We provide guidance and tips on creating a life of mindfulness inviting you to live more presently.

Stress Reduction

We could all use less stress! We will help you decrease stress by learning to see stress as a part of life and build a practice that will help you live a more aligned life.


Hali Benson is a local nature loving, DIY making, deep connector and lover of people. In 2015 she began the journey of natural healing when it became apparent that there was a hormonal imbalance hindering her from putting her best self forward. She pursued holistic medicine for healing and did not stop despite her circumstances. Through the process, she developed a love for food as medicine.  She understood the impact to heal or harm the body depending on food intake and this is when she sought to make it a career.
Hali enrolled in the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2017 and is now certified as a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner and also certified through the NASM as a Weight-loss Specialist. After having her first born son, she developed a deep love for pregnant women and women looking to become pregnant. Finding a balance in eating intuitively and practicing mindfulness, she has the utmost desire to serve this community and transform lives. You can find her under the name Blossom Services.


Francys Chavez, an Integrative Nutritionist, is passionate about bringing healing to the body by focusing on the concept of bio-individuality. Meaning, what works best nutritionally for one individual may not work for another. One person’s food could easily be another person’s poison. It is essential to meet our individual needs through self introspection and firsthand experience while moving forward into nutritional and emotional alignment.

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