Erin Kuehl

fiery, (com)passionate, change-agent
The visionary force behind Evolve Yoga & Wellness Center, Erin blends Andean spirituality with the teachings of Yoga and mindfulness in classes where you will journey to your edge to strengthen your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Erin's certifications include eryt 200, YACEP, CYT, Full Mesa, Nusta Mesa carrier, and Reiki practitioner.

Sharon Skinner

Once a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Sharon became a yoga teacher to help others shed their ego to allow breath and movement propel students forward in personal growth and development for optimal health and well being. She is certified in Reiki I and Reiki II.

Ryan Allen

Ryan’s classes explore all eight limbs of the yogic experience and move mindfully, relax artfully, and meditate communally. Cultivate awareness and practice living your heartfelt mission through the intentions that are set. Ryan is an eryt 200.

Hali Benson

devoted, truth-seeker, enthusiastic
With Hali, all avenues are possible… lots of breathework, yoga postures sure to get you energized for your day. Hali loves to mix it up allowing weeks to be divided into slow-going Gentle Yoga, mesmerizing Yin, and some challenging work! No matter where you are in Your practice, come knowing Hali is sure to guide you into your day feeling refreshed and renewed.

Amanda VandeZande

balanced, strong, easy-going

Shawna Harrington

steadiness, awareness, acceptance
When Shawna’s on her mat, legs shaking, body tested, breath strong, her mental chatter quiets. Her voice speaks to her. All she asks is that you breathe and listen to your body to hear your inner wisdom as well. Shawna is an RYT 200.

Angie Nemecheck

encouraging, strong, calm
Angie covers many styles of yoga, from Hot Power to Yin. Her goal as a teacher is to provide a space to practice, without judgment. Together, you’ll find your breath, create strength and obtain inner peace. Angie is an CYT 200.

Meghan Nelson

Meghan blends the practice of physical therapy with yoga therapy in her gentle, chair and therapeutic classes. She offers a variety of specialized services in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, LSVT BIG treatment, vestibular therapy, and lymphedema therapy. Meghan is a DPT, eryt 200 and MYT.

Jessi Schacher

dedicated, curious, confident
Jessi does yoga to get out of her head and into her body. She is passionate about Ashtanga, loves the challenge and routine of the practice and value the strength it brings.

Stacey Reblitz

calm, grounded, peaceful

Kerry Moody

awaken, engage, transform

Angela Parsley

fun, intentional, compassionate
Angela encourages students to bring curiosity and self-care onto their mats. Breath, awareness, and perseverance are all pieces that play into her yoga teaching. Students leave feeling positive about their experience; refreshed, but grounded. Angela is a CYT 200 and SOAR certified.

Ruby Welcher

conditioned, curious, compassionate
If Ruby can breathe in and out five times while in a muscle shaking pose, she can breathe through any of life’s problems. She teaches to help alleviate the suffering from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Ruby is a CYT 200.

Natasha Mason

meditative, calm, restoring
As a photographer and painter, Natasha sees yoga as creative expression through the body. She teaches a style of yoga called Yin, which allows you to practice being more present and creative in the moment that you are in. Natasha is a CYT 200.

Jacey Hanna

strong, intentional, powerful
Jacey provides classes that challenge you to engage your body into a powerful variety of movements. Jacey will encourage you to get out of your mind and into the physical body, staying present with your goals and your intentions throughout your practice. You can expect loud, bumping music with a fun environment free of judgement and the opportunity to practice poses that range from an intermediate to advanced level.
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