Happy Spring!

As we celebrate this day of equal shadow and light, we find once again a call for balance. Balance between our own light and shadow aspects, balance between work and play, passion and rest.

This energy of balance is found in all of nature, from the smallest plants to the seasons themselves. This balance brings a harmony to what can, at times, seem to be the chaos of life. Celebrate spring to bring a bit of this harmony into your life as you welcome new beginnings and renewed beauty.

Not sure how to find your own celebration of Spring? We’ve got 5 ideas for you!

  • Set an intention for change, even if you don’t know exactly what changes you want to find. Often, just setting the intention is enough to open our hearts to allow change to occur. Moving from comfort with the way things are to excitement with the possibilities life holds can often begin a process of great beginnings in our lives.
  • Cleanse your eating habits. Just for one day, can you commit to eating only foods that nourish and replenish you? While you’re at it- get plenty of water! This small shift in your habits may help to start a new pattern in the way you choose to nourish yourself at meals.
  • Celebrate! There are so many spiritual celebrations going on this time of year in the Sioux City community. The
    Ariya Magga Buddhist Missionary Society in South Sioux City is having a day of meditation on April 2nd. Churches everywhere will be celebrating Easter. Evolve will be holding a workshop to set new intentions with purpose and passion. Even if you can’t attend these events, there are plenty of online gatherings focused on the celebration of new beginnings in Spring!
  • Spring Cleaning! Clearing your physical space is often seen as symbolic of cleaning your energetic space. As you let go of the clutter from the winter months, you are able to let go of old thoughts and patterns that are in the way of new growth. Turn up the music and create new beauty in your home!
  • Cleanse your Chakra energy with a yoga practice or a massage. Set your intentions to release all that no longer serves you and embrace the new. You can find chakra balancing classes online, or you can jump into any class at Evolve to find balance and renewal! (Ps, Emily is offering 15% off massages in The Wellness Center during March! Great way to release built up tensions and open yourself to renewal!)

We hope that all of you are finding time today to bring more balance into your lives as you also step forward into the energy of Spring. The energy of new beginnings, seeds planted and tended to, finding more beauty in this world and your life with every coming morning.

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