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Evolve sprouted from a dream: to uplift a community.  Founded by Erin Kuehl in 2012, Evolve has spread the seeds of joy and love throughout the city through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. We have grown from a small yoga studio to a holistic wellness center that offers many paths to bring balance and healing back into your life. The very nature of our logo and our namesake says it all - in the seed of life, deep within the core of our being, we recognize that everyone has the blueprint for their own evolution. This space, created from an open heart and an open mind, allows you to easily incorporate ancient holistic practices of health and wellbeing into your modern life - all in a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe in the body's innate ability to heal. Utilizing yoga, bodywork, energy healing, proper nutrition, spiritual guidance or mental health therapy or any combination that caters to you, we will create a customized program to meet your needs.  We are here to give you the tools to reclaim your health and wellbeing and ensure that you continue to live a balanced life.

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what we offer


At Evolve, we offer numerous modalities from mental health therapy to art therapy. Our approach is integrative as we treat the whole person and we’ll guide you to balance and perfect health. 


We provide a wide range of services to transform your personal relationship with food and nutrition. 

energy medicine

Energy medicine practices can stand alone or be combined in a unique plan to help you step into elevated living as you move through the layers of the subtle body to release old patterns and wounds.

corporate wellness

Many businesses are reaping the benefits of corporate wellness programs. Our classes are tailored to your employee’s needs and we would love to create a customized program for you and your employees!

“We are the seeds of our own life...”
―Sr. Joan Chittister

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