Why I do yoga: Martha

Why do you practice yoga? Ask 10 different people in Sioux City, and you’ll likely hear 10 different answers. We’re sharing why some of our students practice in this new blog series: Why I do Yoga. Interested in contributing? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Email us at hello@evolvesiouxcity.com

Today we’re sharing a post from Martha, a regular student in all of our classes. She also runs Partners for Patriots, a nonprofit dedicated to making the lives of our veterans better. Enjoy!

Yoga for seniors Sioux City

Tell us about yourself

I’m a practicing attorney, specializing in bankruptcy and I stay extremely busy even though I am past traditional retirement age.

What brought you to begin a yoga practice?

I was on a cruise in December 2013 and noticed a lot of people getting off the boat and using walkers. I realized if I didn’t do something to take care of myself, that would be me. In January 2014 I found Evolve and have been a regular participant since then.

What’s a challenging pose that you are growing to love?

I had to take a couple of months off earlier this year due to surgery, but I am getting my strength back. I love warrior II.

What pose brings you the most joy?

I love child’s pose, because I know it’s always there if I need it.

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual body, from a regular yoga practice?

I am convinced that yoga does change you life in many ways for the better, both physically and spiritually.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get going and get to class. I have always promised myself if I ever finished a class and felt it wasn’t beneficial or a waste of time I would not feel compelled to keep on going. That has never happened.

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