Evolve is a yoga studio and wellness center in Sioux City Iowa

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve found your way home. Welcome.

Evolve Yoga studio offers classes for all stages of life with a variety of instructors and class styles. Everyone that attends classes here immediately feels welcome and accepted into the Evolve family.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your practice or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your practice, Evolve has a class for you!


Our massage therapists offer a wide range of massage styles and services. From a relaxing Swedish massage to Myofacial Release and Deep Tissue Release.


Our yoga instructors work to create classes that are inclusive and open to all. No matter what stage of life you are in, we have a class for you.


From Reiki to Holistic Counseling or Nutrition coaching, we have a variety of services to assist in your journey towards true wellness. We offer single services or treatment plans, based on your needs.

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Love love love this studio!! Such a warm, welcoming, & nurturing environment!

Jodi Marie - Student

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